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/*! \class FileWvOut
    \brief STK audio file output class.

    This class inherits from WvOut.  It provides a "tick-level"
    interface to the FileWrite class.

    FileWvOut writes samples to an audio file and supports
    multi-channel data.  It is important to distinguish the tick()
    methods, which output single samples to all channels in a sample
    frame, from the tickFrame() methods, which take a pointer or
    reference to multi-channel sample frame data.

    See the FileWrite class for a description of the supported audio
    file formats.

    Currently, FileWvOut is non-interpolating and the output rate is
    always Stk::sampleRate().

    by Perry R. Cook and Gary P. Scavone, 1995 - 2005.


#include "WvOut.h"
#include "FileWrite.h"

00030 class FileWvOut : public WvOut

  //! Default constructor with optional output buffer size argument.
    The output buffer size defines the number of frames that are
    accumulated between writes to disk.
  FileWvOut( unsigned int bufferFrames = 1024 );

  //! Overloaded constructor used to specify a file name, type, and data format with this object.
    An StkError is thrown for invalid argument values or if an error occurs when initializing the output file.
  FileWvOut( std::string fileName,
             unsigned int nChannels = 1,
             FileWrite::FILE_TYPE type = FileWrite::FILE_WAV,
             Stk::StkFormat format = STK_SINT16,
             unsigned int bufferFrames = 1024 );

  //! Class destructor.
  virtual ~FileWvOut();

  //! Open a new file with the specified parameters.
    If a file was previously open, it will be closed.  An StkError
    will be thrown if any of the specified arguments are invalid or a
    file error occurs during opening.
  void openFile( std::string fileName,
                 unsigned int nChannels,
                 FileWrite::FILE_TYPE type,
                 Stk::StkFormat format );

  //! Close a file if one is open.
    Any data remaining in the internal buffer will be written to
    the file before closing.
  void closeFile( void );


  void computeSample( const StkFloat sample );

  void computeFrames( const StkFrames& frames );

  void incrementFrame( void );

  FileWrite file_;
  unsigned int bufferFrames_;
  unsigned int bufferIndex_;
  unsigned int iData_;



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