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/* ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
 * This file was automatically generated by SWIG (http://www.swig.org).
 * Version 1.3.31
 * This file is not intended to be easily readable and contains a number of 
 * coding conventions designed to improve portability and efficiency. Do not make
 * changes to this file unless you know what you are doing--modify the SWIG 
 * interface file instead. 
 * ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- */

#ifndef SWIG_csnd_WRAP_H_
#define SWIG_csnd_WRAP_H_

#include <map>
#include <string>

class SwigDirector_CsoundCallbackWrapper : public CsoundCallbackWrapper, public Swig::Director {

    SwigDirector_CsoundCallbackWrapper(PyObject *self, Csound *csound);
    SwigDirector_CsoundCallbackWrapper(PyObject *self, CSOUND *csound);
    virtual void MessageCallback(int attr, char *msg);
    virtual double InputValueCallback(char const *chnName);
    virtual void OutputValueCallback(char const *chnName, double value);
    virtual int YieldCallback();
    virtual void MidiInputCallback(CsoundMidiInputBuffer *p);
    virtual void MidiOutputCallback(CsoundMidiOutputBuffer *p);
    virtual double ControlChannelInputCallback(char const *chnName);
    virtual void ControlChannelOutputCallback(char const *chnName, double value);
    virtual char const *StringChannelInputCallback(char const *chnName);
    virtual void StringChannelOutputCallback(char const *chnName, char const *value);
    virtual ~SwigDirector_CsoundCallbackWrapper();

/* Internal Director utilities */
    bool swig_get_inner(const char* name) const {
      std::map<std::string, bool>::const_iterator iv = inner.find(name);
      return (iv != inner.end() ? iv->second : false);

    void swig_set_inner(const char* name, bool val) const
    { inner[name] = val;}

    mutable std::map<std::string, bool> inner;

/* VTable implementation */
    PyObject *swig_get_method(size_t method_index, const char *method_name) const {
      PyObject *method = vtable[method_index];
      if (!method) {
        swig::PyObject_var name = PyString_FromString(method_name);
        method = PyObject_GetAttr(swig_get_self(), name);
        if (method == NULL) {
          std::string msg = "Method in class CsoundCallbackWrapper doesn't exist, undefined ";
          msg += method_name;
        vtable[method_index] = method;
      return method;
    mutable swig::PyObject_var vtable[10];



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