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/*! \class Brass
    \brief STK simple brass instrument class.

    This class implements a simple brass instrument
    waveguide model, a la Cook (TBone, HosePlayer).

    This is a digital waveguide model, making its
    use possibly subject to patents held by
    Stanford University, Yamaha, and others.

    Control Change Numbers: 
       - Lip Tension = 2
       - Slide Length = 4
       - Vibrato Frequency = 11
       - Vibrato Gain = 1
       - Volume = 128

    by Perry R. Cook and Gary P. Scavone, 1995 - 2005.

#ifndef STK_BRASS_H
#define STK_BRASS_H

#include "Instrmnt.h"
#include "DelayA.h"
#include "BiQuad.h"
#include "PoleZero.h"
#include "ADSR.h"
#include "SineWave.h"

00033 class Brass: public Instrmnt
  //! Class constructor, taking the lowest desired playing frequency.
    An StkError will be thrown if the rawwave path is incorrectly set.
  Brass(StkFloat lowestFrequency);

  //! Class destructor.

  //! Reset and clear all internal state.
  void clear();

  //! Set instrument parameters for a particular frequency.
  void setFrequency(StkFloat frequency);

  //! Set the lips frequency.
  void setLip(StkFloat frequency);

  //! Apply breath pressure to instrument with given amplitude and rate of increase.
  void startBlowing(StkFloat amplitude, StkFloat rate);

  //! Decrease breath pressure with given rate of decrease.
  void stopBlowing(StkFloat rate);

  //! Start a note with the given frequency and amplitude.
  void noteOn(StkFloat frequency, StkFloat amplitude);

  //! Stop a note with the given amplitude (speed of decay).
  void noteOff(StkFloat amplitude);

  //! Perform the control change specified by \e number and \e value (0.0 - 128.0).
  void controlChange(int number, StkFloat value);


  StkFloat computeSample( void );

  DelayA   delayLine_;
  BiQuad   lipFilter_;
  PoleZero dcBlock_;
  ADSR     adsr_;
  SineWave vibrato_;
  unsigned long length_;
  StkFloat lipTarget_;
  StkFloat slideTarget_;
  StkFloat vibratoGain_;
  StkFloat maxPressure_;



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