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/*! \class Plucked
    \brief STK plucked string model class.

    This class implements a simple plucked string
    physical model based on the Karplus-Strong

    This is a digital waveguide model, making its
    use possibly subject to patents held by
    Stanford University, Yamaha, and others.
    There exist at least two patents, assigned to
    Stanford, bearing the names of Karplus and/or

    by Perry R. Cook and Gary P. Scavone, 1995 - 2005.


#include "Instrmnt.h"
#include "DelayA.h"
#include "OneZero.h"
#include "OnePole.h"
#include "Noise.h"

00029 class Plucked : public Instrmnt
  //! Class constructor, taking the lowest desired playing frequency.
  Plucked(StkFloat lowestFrequency);

  //! Class destructor.

  //! Reset and clear all internal state.
  void clear();

  //! Set instrument parameters for a particular frequency.
  virtual void setFrequency(StkFloat frequency);

  //! Pluck the string with the given amplitude using the current frequency.
  void pluck(StkFloat amplitude);

  //! Start a note with the given frequency and amplitude.
  virtual void noteOn(StkFloat frequency, StkFloat amplitude);

  //! Stop a note with the given amplitude (speed of decay).
  virtual void noteOff(StkFloat amplitude);


  StkFloat computeSample( void );

  DelayA   delayLine_;
  OneZero  loopFilter_;
  OnePole  pickFilter_;
  Noise    noise_;
  StkFloat loopGain_;
  unsigned long length_;



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