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/*! \class Sampler
    \brief STK sampling synthesis abstract base class.

    This instrument provides an ADSR envelope, a one-pole filter, and
    structures for an arbitrary number of attack and loop waves.

    by Perry R. Cook and Gary P. Scavone, 1995 - 2005.


#include "Instrmnt.h"
#include "ADSR.h"
#include "WaveLoop.h"
#include "OnePole.h"

00020 class Sampler : public Instrmnt
  //! Default constructor.

  //! Class destructor.
  virtual ~Sampler();

  //! Reset and clear all internal state.
  void clear();

  //! Set instrument parameters for a particular frequency.
  virtual void setFrequency(StkFloat frequency) = 0;

  //! Initiate the envelopes with a key-on event and reset the attack waves.
  void keyOn();

  //! Signal a key-off event to the envelopes.
  void keyOff();

  //! Stop a note with the given amplitude (speed of decay).
  virtual void noteOff(StkFloat amplitude);

  //! Perform the control change specified by \e number and \e value (0.0 - 128.0).
  virtual void controlChange(int number, StkFloat value) = 0;


  virtual StkFloat computeSample( void ) = 0;

  ADSR adsr_;
  std::vector<FileWvIn *> attacks_;
  std::vector<WaveLoop *> loops_;
  OnePole filter_;
  StkFloat baseFrequency_;
  std::vector<StkFloat> attackRatios_;
  std::vector<StkFloat> loopRatios_;
  StkFloat attackGain_;
  StkFloat loopGain_;



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