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CsoundMidiInputStream Class Reference

#include <cs_glue.hpp>

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Detailed Description

The following class allows sending MIDI input messages to a Csound instance.

Definition at line 635 of file cs_glue.hpp.

Public Member Functions

 CsoundMidiInputStream (Csound *csound)
 CsoundMidiInputStream (CSOUND *csound)
void EnableMidiInput (CsoundArgVList *argv)
void SendChannelPressure (int channel, int value)
void SendControlChange (int channel, int ctl, int value)
void SendMessage (int status, int channel, int data1, int data2)
void SendMessage (int msg)
void SendNoteOff (int channel, int key)
void SendNoteOff (int channel, int key, int velocity)
void SendNoteOn (int channel, int key, int velocity)
void SendPitchBend (int channel, int value)
void SendPolyphonicPressure (int channel, int key, int value)
void SendProgramChange (int channel, int pgm)

Protected Member Functions

int GetMidiData (unsigned char *buf, int nBytes)

Static Private Member Functions

static int midiInCloseCallback (CSOUND *, void *)
static int midiInOpenCallback (CSOUND *, void **, const char *)
static int midiInReadCallback (CSOUND *, void *, unsigned char *, int)

Private Attributes

unsigned char buf_ [4096]


class CsoundCallbackWrapper

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