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PUBLIC void csoundSetLanguage ( cslanguage_t  lang_code  ) 

Set language to 'lang_code' (lang_code can be for example CSLANGUAGE_ENGLISH_UK or CSLANGUAGE_FRENCH or many others, see n_getstr.h for the list of languages). This affects all Csound instances running in the address space of the current process. The special language code CSLANGUAGE_DEFAULT can be used to disable translation of messages and free all memory allocated by a previous call to csoundSetLanguage(). csoundSetLanguage() loads all files for the selected language from the directory specified by the CSSTRNGS environment variable.

Definition at line 154 of file getstring.c.

References csoundSetLanguage().

Referenced by csoundSetLanguage().

    const char *name;
    if (lang_code == CSLANGUAGE_DEFAULT)
      fprintf(stderr, "Localisation of messages is disabled, using "
                      "default language.\n");
    else {
      fprintf(stderr, "Setting language of messages to %s ...\n",
                      name=language_names[(int) lang_code]);
      setlocale(LC_MESSAGES, name);

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