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PUBLIC int csoundRegisterSenseEventCallback ( CSOUND csound,
void(*)(CSOUND *, void *)  func,
void *  userData 

Register a function to be called once in every control period by sensevents(). Any number of functions may be registered, and will be called in the order of registration. The callback function takes two arguments: the Csound instance pointer, and the userData pointer as passed to this function. Returns zero on success.

Definition at line 1240 of file musmon.c.

References CSOUND_::oparms.

    EVT_CB_FUNC *fp = (EVT_CB_FUNC*) csound->evtFuncChain;

    if (fp == NULL) {
      fp = (EVT_CB_FUNC*) calloc((size_t) 1, sizeof(EVT_CB_FUNC));
      csound->evtFuncChain = (void*) fp;
    else {
      while (fp->nxt != NULL)
        fp = fp->nxt;
      fp->nxt = (EVT_CB_FUNC*) calloc((size_t) 1, sizeof(EVT_CB_FUNC));
      fp = fp->nxt;
    if (UNLIKELY(fp == NULL))
      return CSOUND_MEMORY;
    fp->func = func;
    fp->userData = userData;
    fp->nxt = NULL;
    csound->oparms->RTevents = 1;

    return 0;

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