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OpcodeBase< T > Class Template Reference

#include <OpcodeBase.hpp>

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Detailed Description

template<typename T>
class OpcodeBase< T >

Template base class, or pseudo-virtual base class, for writing Csound opcodes in C++. Derive opcode implementation classes like this:

DerivedClass : public OpcodeBase<DerivedClass> { public: // All output fields must be declared first as MYFLT *: MYFLT *aret1; // All input fields must be declared next as MYFLT *: MYFLT *iarg1; MYFLT *karg2; MYFLT *aarg3; // All internal state variables must be declared after that: size_t state1; double state2; MYFLT state3; // Declare and implement only whichever of these are required: void init(); void kontrol(); void audio; void noteoff(); void deinit(); };

Definition at line 38 of file OpcodeBase.hpp.

Public Member Functions

int audio (CSOUND *csound)
int init (CSOUND *csound)
int kontrol (CSOUND *csound)
void log (CSOUND *csound, const char *format,...)
void warn (CSOUND *csound, const char *format,...)

Static Public Member Functions

static int audio_ (CSOUND *csound, void *opcode)
static int init_ (CSOUND *csound, void *opcode)
static int kontrol_ (CSOUND *csound, void *opcode)

Public Attributes


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