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csound::Event Class Reference

#include <Event.hpp>

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Detailed Description

Represents an event in music space, such as a note of definite duration, a MIDI-like "note on" or "note off" event, or a MIDI-like control event. Fields have the same semantics as MIDI with some differences. All fields are floats; status is stored separately from channel; channel can have any positive value; spatial location in X, Y, and Z are stored; phase in radians is stored; and pitch-class set is stored.

Events can be multiplied (matrix dot product) with the local coordinate system of a Node or transform to translate, scale, or rotate them in any or all dimensions of music space.

Events usually are value objects, not references.

Silence Events translate to Csound score statements ("i" statements), but they are always real-time score statements at time 0, suitable for use with Csound's -L or line event option.

Definition at line 72 of file Event.hpp.

Public Types

enum  { INDEFINITE = 16384 }
enum  Dimensions {

Public Member Functions

virtual void clearProperties ()
virtual void conformToPitchClassSet ()
virtual void createNoteOffEvent (Event &event) const
virtual void dump (std::ostream &stream)
 Event (const std::vector< double > &v)
 Event (double time, double duration, double status, double instrument, double key, double velocity, double phase, double pan, double depth, double height, double pitches)
 Event (const ublas::vector< double, ublas::unbounded_array< double > > &a)
 Event (std::string text)
 Event (const Event &a)
virtual double getAmplitude () const
virtual int getChannel () const
virtual double getDepth () const
virtual double getDuration () const
virtual double getFrequency () const
virtual double getGain () const
virtual double getHeight () const
virtual double getInstrument () const
virtual double getKey (double tonesPerOctave) const
virtual double getKey () const
virtual int getKeyNumber () const
virtual double getLeftGain () const
virtual int getMidiStatus () const
virtual double getOffTime () const
virtual double getPan () const
virtual double getPhase () const
virtual double getPitches () const
virtual std::string getProperty (std::string name)
virtual double getRightGain () const
virtual double getStatus () const
virtual int getStatusNumber () const
virtual double getTime () const
virtual double getVelocity () const
virtual int getVelocityNumber () const
virtual void initialize ()
virtual bool isMatchingEvent (const Event &event) const
virtual bool isMatchingNoteOff (const Event &event) const
virtual bool isMidiEvent () const
virtual bool isNote () const
virtual bool isNoteOff () const
virtual bool isNoteOn () const
virtual Eventoperator= (const ublas::vector< double > &a)
virtual Eventoperator= (const Event &a)
virtual void removeProperty (std::string nameO)
virtual void set (double time, double duration, double status, double instrument, double key, double velocity, double phase=0, double pan=0, double depth=0, double height=0, double pitches=4095)
virtual void setAmplitude (double amplitude)
virtual void setDepth (double depth)
virtual void setDuration (double duration)
virtual void setFrequency (double frequency)
virtual void setHeight (double height)
virtual void setInstrument (double instrument)
virtual void setKey (double key)
virtual void setMidi (double time, char status, char key, char velocity)
virtual void setPan (double pan)
virtual void setPhase (double phase)
virtual void setPitches (double pitches)
virtual void setProperty (std::string name, std::string value)
virtual void setStatus (double status)
virtual void setTime (double time)
virtual void setVelocity (double velocity)
virtual void temper (double divisionsPerOctave)
virtual std::string toCsoundIStatement (double tempering=12.0) const
virtual std::string toCsoundIStatementHeld (int tag, double tempering=12.0) const
virtual std::string toCsoundIStatementRelease (int tag, double tempering=12.0) const
virtual std::string toString () const

Public Attributes

std::map< std::string,
std::string > 

Static Public Attributes

static const char * labels []
static int SORT_ORDER []

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