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csound::ImageToScore Class Reference

#include <ImageToScore.hpp>

Inheritance diagram for csound::ImageToScore:

csound::ScoreNode csound::Node

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Detailed Description

Translates images in various RGB formats to scores. Hue is mapped to instrument, value is mapped to loudness.

Definition at line 42 of file ImageToScore.hpp.

Public Member Functions

virtual void addChild (Node *node)
virtual void clear ()
virtual ublas::matrix< double > createTransform ()
virtual double & element (size_t row, size_t column)
virtual void generate ()
virtual std::string getImageFilename () const
virtual ublas::matrix< double > getLocalCoordinates () const
virtual size_t getMaximumVoiceCount () const
virtual double getMinimumValue () const
virtual ScoregetScore ()
virtual void produceOrTransform (Score &score, size_t beginAt, size_t endAt, const ublas::matrix< double > &coordinates)
virtual void setElement (size_t row, size_t column, double value)
virtual void setImageFilename (std::string imageFilename)
virtual void setMaximumVoiceCount (size_t maximumVoiceCount)
virtual void setMinimumValue (double minimumValue)
virtual ublas::matrix< double > traverse (const ublas::matrix< double > &globalCoordinates, Score &score)

Public Attributes

std::vector< Node * > children
std::string importFilename

Protected Member Functions

virtual void getPixel (size_t x, size_t y, double &hue, double &saturation, double &value) const
virtual void translate (double x, double y, double hue, double value, Event &event) const

Static Protected Member Functions

static void rgbToHsv (double r, double g, double b, double &h, double &s, double &v)

Protected Attributes

Fl_Image * image
std::string imageFilename
ublas::matrix< double > localCoordinates
size_t maximumVoiceCount
double minimumValue
Score score

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