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csound::Shell Class Reference

#include <Shell.hpp>

Inherited by ScoreGeneratorVst.

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Detailed Description

Provide a shell in which Python scripts can be loaded, saved, and executed. The Python library and API are dynamically loaded and do not reference Python.h, so if Python is not present, this module will still link and load, but not function.

Definition at line 57 of file Shell.hpp.

Public Member Functions

virtual void clear ()
virtual void close ()
virtual std::string getFilename () const
virtual std::string getMidiFilename () const
virtual std::string getOutputSoundfileName () const
virtual std::string getScript () const
virtual void initialize ()
virtual void load (std::string filename)
virtual void loadAppend (std::string filename)
virtual void main (int argc, char **argv)
virtual void open ()
virtual int runScript (std::string script)
virtual int runScript ()
virtual void save () const
virtual void save (std::string filename) const
virtual void setFilename (std::string filename)
virtual void setScript (std::string text)
virtual void stop ()

Static Public Member Functions

static std::string generateFilename ()

Protected Attributes

std::string filename
std::string script

Static Protected Attributes

static void * pythonLibrary = 0
static const char * pythonLibraryPathList []

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