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PUBLIC int* csoundGetChannelLock ( CSOUND *  ,
const char *  name,
int  type 

Recovers a pointer to a lock for the specified channel of the bus in *p which must exist. 'type' must be the bitwise OR of exactly one of the following values, CSOUND_CONTROL_CHANNEL control data (one MYFLT value) CSOUND_AUDIO_CHANNEL audio data (csoundGetKsmps(csound) MYFLT values) CSOUND_STRING_CHANNEL string data (MYFLT values with enough space to store csoundGetStrVarMaxLen(csound) characters, including the NULL character at the end of the string) and at least one of these: CSOUND_INPUT_CHANNEL CSOUND_OUTPUT_CHANNEL Return value is the address of the lock

Definition at line 626 of file bus.c.

References csoundGetChannelLock().

Referenced by csoundGetChannelLock().

    channelEntry_t  *pp;

    if (UNLIKELY(name == NULL))
      return NULL;
    pp = find_channel(csound, name);
    return &pp->lock;

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