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PUBLIC void csoundSetFileOpenCallback ( CSOUND *  p,
void(*)(CSOUND *, const char *, int, int, int)  func 

Sets an external callback for receiving notices whenever Csound opens a file. The callback is made after the file is successfully opened. The following information is passed to the callback: char* pathname of the file; either full or relative to current dir int a file type code from the enumeration CSOUND_FILETYPES int 1 if Csound is writing the file, 0 if reading int 1 if a temporary file that Csound will delete; 0 if not

Pass NULL to disable the callback. This callback is retained after a csoundReset() call.

Definition at line 2537 of file csound.c.

References csoundSetFileOpenCallback().

Referenced by csoundSetFileOpenCallback().

      p->FileOpenCallback_ = fileOpenCallback;

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