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PUBLIC int csoundPerformBuffer ( CSOUND *   ) 

Performs Csound, sensing real-time and score events and processing one buffer's worth (-b frames) of interleaved audio. Returns a pointer to the new output audio in 'outputAudio' Note that csoundCompile must be called first, then call csoundGetOutputBuffer() and csoundGetInputBuffer() to get the pointer to csound's I/O buffers. Returns false during performance, and true when performance is finished.

Definition at line 1415 of file csound.c.

      int returnValue;
      int done;
      /* Setup jmp for return after an exit(). */
      if ((returnValue = setjmp(csound->exitjmp))) {
#ifndef MACOSX
        csoundMessage(csound, Str("Early return from csoundPerformBuffer().\n"));
      csound->sampsNeeded += csound->oparms_.outbufsamps;
      while (csound->sampsNeeded > 0) {
        do {
          if (UNLIKELY((done = sensevents(csound))))
            return done;
        } while (kperf(csound));
        csound->sampsNeeded -= csound->nspout;
      return 0;

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