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PUBLIC int csoundScoreEvent ( CSOUND *  ,
char  type,
const MYFLT *  pFields,
long  numFields 

Send a new score event. 'type' is the score event type ('a', 'i', 'q', 'f', or 'e'). 'numFields' is the size of the pFields array. 'pFields' is an array of floats with all the pfields for this event, starting with the p1 value specified in pFields[0].

Definition at line 1823 of file csound.c.

References event::opcod, event::p, event::pcnt, and event::strarg.

      EVTBLK  evt;
      int     i;

      evt.strarg = NULL;
      evt.opcod = type;
      evt.pcnt = (int16) numFields;
      for (i = 0; i < (int) numFields; i++)
        evt.p[i + 1] = pfields[i];
      return insert_score_event_at_sample(csound, &evt, csound->icurTime);

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