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PUBLIC void* csoundQueryGlobalVariableNoCheck ( CSOUND *  csnd,
const char *  name 

This function is the same as csoundQueryGlobalVariable(), except the variable is assumed to exist and no error checking is done. Faster, but may crash or return an invalid pointer if 'name' is not defined.

Definition at line 947 of file namedins.c.

    GlobalVariableEntry_t *p;
    unsigned char         h;

    /* calculate hash value */
    h = name_hash_2(csnd, name);
    /* search tree */
    p = (GlobalVariableEntry_t*) (csnd->namedGlobals[(int) h]);
    if (!p) {
      return 0;
    while (p->nxt != NULL && sCmp(name, (char*) (p->name)) != 0)
      p = (GlobalVariableEntry_t*) p->nxt;
    return (void*) (p->p);

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