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MixerSend Struct Reference

Inheritance diagram for MixerSend:

OpcodeBase< MixerSend >

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Detailed Description

MixerSend asignal, isend, ibus, ichannel

Routes a signal from a send to a channel of a mixer bus. The gain of the send is controlled by the previously set mixer level.

Definition at line 150 of file mixer.cpp.

Public Member Functions

int audio (CSOUND *csound)
int init (CSOUND *csound)
int kontrol (CSOUND *csound)
void log (CSOUND *csound, const char *format,...)
int noteoff (CSOUND *)
void warn (CSOUND *csound, const char *format,...)

Static Public Member Functions

static int audio_ (CSOUND *csound, void *opcode)
static int init_ (CSOUND *csound, void *opcode)
static int kontrol_ (CSOUND *csound, void *opcode)

Public Attributes

MYFLT * ainput
size_t buss
MYFLT * busspointer
size_t channel
size_t frames
MYFLT * ibuss
MYFLT * ichannel
MYFLT * isend
size_t send

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