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csound::Hocket Class Reference

#include <Hocket.hpp>

Inheritance diagram for csound::Hocket:

csound::ScoreNode csound::Node

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Detailed Description

Simplifies constructing complex hocketted scores.

Definition at line 39 of file Hocket.hpp.

Public Member Functions

virtual void addChild (Node *node)
virtual void clear ()
virtual ublas::matrix< double > createTransform ()
virtual double & element (size_t row, size_t column)
virtual ublas::matrix< double > getLocalCoordinates () const
virtual ScoregetScore ()
virtual void produceOrTransform (Score &score, size_t beginAt, size_t endAt, const ublas::matrix< double > &coordinates)
virtual void setElement (size_t row, size_t column, double value)
virtual ublas::matrix< double > traverse (const ublas::matrix< double > &globalCoordinates, Score &score)

Public Attributes

std::vector< Node * > children
std::string importFilename
int modulus
int startingIndex

Protected Attributes

ublas::matrix< double > localCoordinates
Score score

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