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void csound::VoiceleadingNode::PTL ( double  time,
double  P_,
double  T,
bool  avoidParallels = true 
) [virtual]

Beginning at the specified time and continuing to the beginning of the next operation or the end of the score, whichever comes first, conform notes produced by this node or its children to the specified chord; the voicing of the chord will be the smoothest voice-leading from the pitches of the previous chord. Optionally, parallel fifths can be avoided. Note that PTL specifies what musicians normally call the voice-leading of a chord.

Definition at line 225 of file VoiceleadingNode.cpp.

References operations.

    operations[time].beginTime = time;
    operations[time].P = P;
    operations[time].T = T;
    operations[time].L = true;
    operations[time].avoidParallels = avoidParallels;

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