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PUBLIC int csoundGetTable ( CSOUND *  ,
MYFLT **  tablePtr,
int  tableNum 

Stores pointer to function table 'tableNum' in *tablePtr, and returns the table length (not including the guard point). If the table does not exist, *tablePtr is set to NULL and -1 is returned.

Definition at line 2284 of file fgens.c.

    FUNC    *ftp;

    if (UNLIKELY((unsigned int) (tableNum - 1) >= (unsigned int) csound->maxfnum))
      goto err_return;
    ftp = csound->flist[tableNum];
    if (UNLIKELY(ftp == NULL))
      goto err_return;
    if (!ftp->flen) {
      ftp = gen01_defer_load(csound, tableNum);
      if (UNLIKELY(ftp == NULL))
        goto err_return;
    *tablePtr = &(ftp->ftable[0]);
    return (int) ftp->flen;

    *tablePtr = (MYFLT*) NULL;
    return -1;

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