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PUBLIC void csoundSetHostImplementedAudioIO ( CSOUND *  csound,
int  state,
int  bufSize 

Calling this function with a non-zero 'state' value between csoundPreCompile() and csoundCompile() will disable all default handling of sound I/O by the Csound library, allowing the host application to use the spin/spout/input/output buffers directly. If 'bufSize' is greater than zero, the buffer size (-b) will be set to the integer multiple of ksmps that is nearest to the value specified.

Definition at line 1565 of file csound.c.

References csoundSetHostImplementedAudioIO().

Referenced by csoundSetHostImplementedAudioIO().

      csound->enableHostImplementedAudioIO = state;
      csound->hostRequestedBufferSize = (bufSize > 0 ? bufSize : 0);

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