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CFxBank Class Reference

List of all members.

Public Member Functions

 CFxBank (char *pszFile=0)
 CFxBank (int nPrograms, int nParams)
 CFxBank (CFxBank const &org)
 CFxBank (int nChunkSize)
void * GetChunk ()
long GetChunkSize ()
long GetFxID ()
long GetFxVersion ()
long GetNumParams ()
long GetNumPrograms ()
float GetProgParm (int nProgram, int nParm)
fxProgramGetProgram (int nProgNum)
char * GetProgramName (int nProgram)
long GetVersion ()
bool IsChunk ()
bool IsLoaded ()
bool LoadBank (char *pszFile)
CFxBankoperator= (CFxBank const &org)
bool SaveBank (char *pszFile)
bool SetChunk (void *chunk)
void SetFxID (long id)
void SetFxVersion (long v)
bool SetProgParm (int nProgram, int nParm, float val=0.0)
void SetProgramName (int nProgram, char *name="")
bool SetSize (int nPrograms, int nParams)
bool SetSize (int nChunkSize)
void Unload ()

Protected Member Functions

CFxBankDoCopy (CFxBank const &org)
void Init ()

Static Protected Member Functions

static void SwapBytes (float &f)
static void SwapBytes (long &l)

Protected Attributes

unsigned char * bBank
bool bChunk
int nBankLen
bool NeedsBSwap
char szFileName [256]

Detailed Description

Definition at line 113 of file fxbank.h.

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