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csound::ScoreModel Class Reference

#include <ScoreModel.hpp>

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Inheritance graph
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Collaboration graph

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Public Member Functions

virtual void addChild (Node *node)
virtual void clear ()
virtual ublas::matrix< double > createTransform ()
virtual double & element (size_t row, size_t column)
virtual void generate ()
virtual std::string getAlbum () const
virtual std::string getArtist () const
virtual std::string getCdSoundfileName ()
virtual bool getConformPitches () const
virtual std::string getCopyright () const
virtual std::string getFilename () const
virtual std::string getFomusFilename ()
virtual std::string getLicense () const
virtual std::string getLilypondFilename ()
virtual ublas::matrix< double > getLocalCoordinates () const
virtual std::string getMidiFilename ()
virtual std::string getMp3SoundfileName ()
virtual std::string getMusicXmlFilename ()
virtual std::string getNormalizedSoundfileName ()
virtual std::string getOutputSoundfileName ()
virtual ScoregetScore ()
virtual long getThis ()
virtual NodegetThisNode ()
virtual std::string getTimestamp () const
virtual std::string getTitle () const
virtual double getTonesPerOctave () const
virtual void initialize ()
virtual void normalizeOutputSoundfile (double levelDb=-3.0)
virtual void perform ()
virtual void performAll ()
virtual void performMaster ()
virtual void produceOrTransform (Score &score, size_t beginAt, size_t endAt, const ublas::matrix< double > &compositeCordinates)
virtual void render ()
virtual void renderAll ()
virtual void setAlbum (std::string value)
virtual void setArtist (std::string value)
virtual void setConformPitches (bool conformPitches)
virtual void setCopyright (std::string value)
virtual void setElement (size_t row, size_t column, double value)
virtual void setFilename (std::string filename)
virtual void setLicense (std::string value)
virtual void setTitle (std::string value)
virtual void setTonesPerOctave (double tonesPerOctave)
virtual void translateMaster ()
virtual void translateToCdAudio (double levelDb=-3.0)
virtual void translateToMp3 (double bitrate=256.01, double levelDb=-3.0)
virtual void translateToNotation (const std::vector< std::string > partNames=std::vector< std::string >(), std::string header="")
virtual ublas::matrix< double > traverse (const ublas::matrix< double > &globalCoordinates, Score &score)
virtual void write (const char *text)

Static Public Member Functions

static std::string generateFilename ()
static std::string makeTimestamp ()

Public Attributes

std::vector< Node * > children

Protected Attributes

std::string album
std::string artist
bool conformPitches
std::string copyright
std::string filename
std::string license
ublas::matrix< double > localCoordinates
Score score
std::string timestamp
std::string title
double tonesPerOctave

Detailed Description

Base class for compositions that use the principle of a music graph to generate a score. A music graph is a directed acyclic graph of nodes including empty nodes, nodes that contain only child nodes, score nodes, event generator nodes, event transformer nodes, and others. Each node is associated with a local transformation of coordinate system in music space using a 12 x 12 homogeneous matrix. To generate the score, the music graph is traversed depth first, and each node postconcatenates its local transformation of coordinate system with the coordinate system of its parent to derive a new local coordinate system, which is applied to all child events.

Definition at line 52 of file ScoreModel.hpp.

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