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instr Struct Reference

#include <csoundCore.h>

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Public Attributes

struct insdsact_instance
int active
MYFLT cpuload
int dummy01
int32 * inslist
char * insname
struct insdsinstance
int instcnt
int lclacnt
int lclfixed
int lclkcnt
int lclpcnt
int lclscnt
int lclwcnt
int32 localen
struct insdslst_instance
int maxalloc
int mdepends
int16 muted
struct instrnxtinstxt
struct opnxtop
struct opcodinfo * opcode_info
int32 opdstot
int optxtcount
int pextrab
int pmax
MYFLT * psetdata
int vmax

Detailed Description

This struct is filled out by otran() at orch parse time. It is used as a template for instrument events.

Definition at line 237 of file csoundCore.h.

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