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 * This module maintains a list of instruments that have been parsed
 * When parsing an instrument:
 *  csp_orc_sa_instr_add 
 *          called first to setup instrument (when parsed the instrument
 *  csp_orc_sa_global_read_write_add_list 
 *          called to add globals to that instruments dependency lists
 *  csp_orc_sa_instr_finalize
 *          called when finished parsing that instrument
 *  csp_orc_sa_instr_get_by_name or by_num
 *          called to fetch an instrument later

/* maintain information about insturments defined */
00020 typedef struct instr_semantics_t {
    char                        hdr[HDR_LEN];
    char                        *name;
    int32                       insno;
    struct set_t                *read;
    struct set_t                *write;
    struct set_t                *read_write;
    uint32_t                    weight;
    struct instr_semantics_t    *next;

void csp_orc_sa_cleanup(CSOUND *csound);
void csp_orc_sa_print_list(CSOUND *csound);

/* maintain state about the current instrument we are parsing */
/* add a new instrument */
void csp_orc_sa_instr_add(CSOUND *csound, char *name);
void csp_orc_sa_instr_add_tree(CSOUND *csound, TREE *x);
/* finish the current instrument */
void csp_orc_sa_instr_finalize(CSOUND *csound);

/* add the globals read and written to the current instrument
 * if write and read contain the same global and size of both is 1 then
 * that global is added to the read-write list of the current instrument */
void csp_orc_sa_global_read_write_add_list(CSOUND *csound,
                                           struct set_t *write, struct set_t *read);

/* add to the read and write lists of the current instrument */
void csp_orc_sa_global_write_add_list(CSOUND *csound, struct set_t *list);
void csp_orc_sa_global_read_add_list(CSOUND *csound, struct set_t *list);

/* find all the globals contained in the sub-tree node */
struct set_t *csp_orc_sa_globals_find(CSOUND *csound, TREE *node);

/* find an instrument from the instruments parsed */
struct instr_semantics_t *csp_orc_sa_instr_get_by_name(char *instr_name);
struct instr_semantics_t *csp_orc_sa_instr_get_by_num(int16 insno);

#endif /* end of include guard: __CSOUND_ORC_SEMANTIC_ANALYSIS_H__ */

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