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/*! \class RtWvIn
    \brief STK realtime audio (blocking) input class.

    This class provides a simplified interface to RtAudio for realtime
    audio input.  It is a subclass of WvIn.  Because this class makes
    use of RtAudio's blocking output routines, its performance is less
    robust on systems where the audio API is callback-based (Macintosh
    CoreAudio and Windows ASIO).

    RtWvIn supports multi-channel data in interleaved format.  It is
    important to distinguish the tick() methods, which return samples
    produced by averaging across sample frames, from the tickFrame()
    methods, which return references or pointers to multi-channel
    sample frames.

    by Perry R. Cook and Gary P. Scavone, 1995 - 2005.

#ifndef STK_RTWVIN_H
#define STK_RTWVIN_H

#include "WvIn.h"
#include "RtAudio.h"

00027 class RtWvIn : public WvIn
  //! Default constructor.
    The \e device argument is passed to RtAudio during
    instantiation.  The default value (zero) will select the default
    device on your system or the first device found meeting the
    specified parameters.  On systems with multiple
    soundcards/devices, values greater than zero can be specified in
    accordance with the order that the devices are enumerated by the
    underlying audio API.  The default buffer size of RT_BUFFER_SIZE
    is defined in Stk.h.  An StkError will be thrown if an error
    occurs duing instantiation.
  RtWvIn( unsigned int nChannels = 1, StkFloat sampleRate = Stk::sampleRate(),
          int device = 0, int bufferFrames = RT_BUFFER_SIZE, int nBuffers = 4 );

  //! Class destructor.

  //! Start the audio input stream.
    The stream is started automatically, if necessary, when a
    tick() or tickFrame() method is called.
  void start( void );

  //! Stop the audio input stream.
    It may be necessary to use this method to avoid audio underflow
    problems if you wish to temporarily stop audio input.
  void stop( void );


  void computeFrame( void );

  RtAudio *adc_;
  StkFloat *buffer_;
  bool stopped_;
  unsigned int bufferFrames_;
  unsigned int bufferIndex_;



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