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csound::MidiEvent Class Reference

#include <Midifile.hpp>

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Detailed Description

This class is used to store ALL Midi messages.

Definition at line 87 of file Midifile.hpp.

Public Member Functions

virtual int getChannelNybble (void)
virtual int getKey (void)
virtual unsigned char getMetaData (int i)
virtual size_t getMetaSize (void)
virtual int getMetaType (void)
virtual int getStatus (void)
virtual int getStatusNybble (void)
virtual int getVelocity (void)
virtual bool isChannelVoiceMessage ()
virtual bool isMatchingNoteOff (MidiEvent &offEvent)
virtual bool isNoteOff (void)
virtual bool isNoteOn (void)
virtual unsigned char read (std::istream &stream)
virtual void read (std::istream &stream, MidiFile &midiFile)
virtual void write (std::ostream &stream, MidiFile &midiFile, int lastTick)

Public Attributes

int ticks
double time


bool operator< (const MidiEvent &a, MidiEvent &b)

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