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/*! \class Envelope
    \brief STK envelope base class.

    This class implements a simple envelope
    generator which is capable of ramping to
    a target value by a specified \e rate.
    It also responds to simple \e keyOn and
    \e keyOff messages, ramping to 1.0 on
    keyOn and to 0.0 on keyOff.

    by Perry R. Cook and Gary P. Scavone, 1995 - 2005.


#include "Generator.h"

class Envelope : public Generator

  //! Default constructor.

  //! Copy constructor.
  Envelope( const Envelope& e );

  //! Class destructor.
  virtual ~Envelope(void);

  //! Assignment operator.
  Envelope& operator= ( const Envelope& e );

  //! Set target = 1.
  virtual void keyOn(void);

  //! Set target = 0.
  virtual void keyOff(void);

  //! Set the \e rate.
  void setRate(StkFloat rate);

  //! Set the \e rate based on a time duration.
  void setTime(StkFloat time);

  //! Set the target value.
  virtual void setTarget(StkFloat target);

  //! Set current and target values to \e aValue.
  virtual void setValue(StkFloat value);

  //! Return the current envelope \e state (0 = at target, 1 otherwise).
  virtual int getState(void) const;


  virtual StkFloat computeSample( void );

  StkFloat value_;
  StkFloat target_;
  StkFloat rate_;
  int state_;


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