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CsPerfThreadMsg_ScoreEvent Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for CsPerfThreadMsg_ScoreEvent:


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Detailed Description

Score event message

absp2mode: if non-zero, start times are measured from the beginning of performance, instead of the current time opcod: score opcode (e.g. 'i' for a note event) pcnt: number of p-fields *p: array of p-fields, p[0] is p1

Definition at line 149 of file csPerfThread.cpp.

Public Member Functions

 CsPerfThreadMsg_ScoreEvent (CsoundPerformanceThread *pt, int absp2mode, char opcod, int pcnt, const MYFLT *p)
int run ()

Public Attributes


Protected Member Functions

int GetPaused ()
void SetPaused (int state)

Protected Attributes


Private Attributes

int absp2mode
char opcod
MYFLT p [10]
int pcnt
MYFLT * pp

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