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PUBLIC int csoundAppendOpcode ( CSOUND ,
const char *  opname,
int  dsblksiz,
int  thread,
const char *  outypes,
const char *  intypes,
int(*)(CSOUND *, void *)  iopadr,
int(*)(CSOUND *, void *)  kopadr,
int(*)(CSOUND *, void *)  aopadr 

Appends an opcode implemented by external software to Csound's internal opcode list. The opcode list is extended by one slot, and the parameters are copied into the new slot. Returns zero on success.

Definition at line 2129 of file csound.c.

    OENTRY  tmpEntry;
    int     err;

    tmpEntry.opname     = (char*) opname;
    tmpEntry.dsblksiz   = (unsigned short) dsblksiz;
    tmpEntry.thread     = (unsigned short) thread;
    tmpEntry.outypes    = (char*) outypes;
    tmpEntry.intypes    = (char*) intypes;
    tmpEntry.iopadr     = (SUBR) iopadr;
    tmpEntry.kopadr     = (SUBR) kopadr;
    tmpEntry.aopadr     = (SUBR) aopadr;
    err = opcode_list_new_oentry(csound, &tmpEntry);
    if (err)
      csoundErrorMsg(csound, Str("Failed to allocate new opcode entry."));

    return err;

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