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PUBLIC const char* csoundGetUtilityDescription ( CSOUND csound,
const char *  utilName 

Get utility description. Returns NULL if the utility was not found, or it has no description, or an error occured.

Definition at line 218 of file utility.c.

References csoundGetUtilityDescription().

Referenced by csoundGetUtilityDescription().

    csUtility_t *p = (csUtility_t*) csound->utility_db;

    /* check for valid parameters */
    if (utilName == NULL)
      return NULL;
    /* find utility in database */
    while (p != NULL && strcmp(p->name, utilName) != 0)
      p = p->nxt;
    if (p == NULL)
      return NULL;      /* not found */
    /* return with utility description (if any) */
    return (const char*) p->desc;

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